Do We Really Still Need Halloween?


This is the weekend before Halloween, which will fall on a Friday this year. Our family’s schedule over the last 2 days has got me to thinking: do we really still need Halloween? Or rather, do we still need to stick to our old customs on the tradition? I understand we’ve got decades of tradition under our belts, but it’s not like it’s a real holiday or anything. In fact, we’ve already begun altering that tradition (<– see how I keep italicizing that word? Emphasis, my friends, emphasis) to the point that most communities don’t even celebrate it on the day assigned. That’s where my thoughts spring from. People are now celebrating in other manners, such as Fall Festivals, bonfire gatherings, community trick-or-treating, etc.

Saturday, the town had Halloween in the Park, which is a yearly event mostly for businesses to advertise their wares. There’s fun, games, other activities to be had, but there are also vendor booths set up that hand out candy, treats and coupons for future visits with them. Later that evening, we packed up and headed out to a bonfire event with our church. There were grilled hotdogs, side dishes galore, desserts, games for the kids and some for the adults as well. Fun times. There were two hayrides that were possibly the longest I’ve ever been on, considering by the time we got off my foot was asleep and my butt hurt. Everyone went home tired but satisfied. Sunday there was a “Halloween Hoedown” one of our son’s friends invited us to. That was in the afternoon because that evening we had a Trunk-r-Treat to go to. Not sure about your area, but around here that’s when a bunch of people hand out candy in a parking lot-sort of event with activities for the family and kids, who are dressed in their costumes.

A gentleman I follow on Twitter even posted a picture of his daughter, in costume as a princess. Their community had a neighborhood Trick-or-treat Saturday, a week ahead of the actual day. It’s also happened at times that Halloween has even been moved up and back a day or two because of weather or other issues (depending on the town). It’s all of these things I’ve mentioned that made me wonder this morning, while munching on a Hardee’s double-loaded omelette biscuit, why we even still celebrate the actual Halloween event. Things have evolved far beyond that one day of the year, so much so that I have said before that it won’t be too much longer before it’s phased out completely. Not by any decree or ban, but by people simply not caring if it’s come or gone either way.



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