Word Count: 1,543

NaNoWriMo started November 1, and today I entered my word count so far. Sadly, even at 1,543, I’m very far behind at just 5 days into the process. Evidently I’m suppose to be writing 1,800+ words per day. Have I ever mentioned I don’t like being on a schedule such as this? But I will buckle down and participate as best I can this year!

My novel, (it doesn’t feel right to call anything I do by the word ‘novel’ because to me that implies a professional work) is a work of fantasy. It takes place in a world I created years ago in my head. I’ve written bits and pieces down over the years about the lands, the people and its history, but this will be the first time I’ve ever written a full story/novel/what have you about it. The main character of said story has also been around for awhile. His name, I use often in naming game characters, especially those in the fantasy genre.

So stay tuned, if you’re interested, I’ll be posting more as I get my junk in gear and start hauling butt in getting some word done. I don’t want to go it alone, so you’re all coming with me – like it or not. I should probably also check to see what I can or shouldn’t be sharing. I’m really not sure if this contest has any rules about that. Might be a good thing to check on, eh?

Is anyone else reading this participating?


One thought on “Word Count: 1,543

  1. i am not participating this year. I keep my awesome niece and nephews from 8-6. I just do not have time to write on that kind of caliber. I think it is cool you are doing it and wish you the best of luck. Timehop informed me that i did NaNoWriMo five years ago…even if you do not hit any of their goals i hope you manage to hit your personal goal, because that is all that matters. You have a talent and i am glad you are putting it to use.

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