Top Five Bucket List Items

As inspired by Major Spoilers Top 5 Podcast: Top Five Bucket List Items episode.

I suppose everyone has something they’d like to do or accomplish before they leave this world. Inspired by a recent Top 5 episode from the Major Spoilers website. Some of these may seem a bit off the wall, or down right fantastical, but if you listen to the podcast, you’ll know there was no specifications. It’s just things you’d like to do before you die. So, I now present to you, Dear Readers, my own

Top Five Bucket List Items

#5 – Be financially secure

I’m not greedy. Money is nice, but I don’t require an over abundance of it. However, before I die, I’d like to know that I was well off enough financially to ensure my family didn’t have to worry about anything once I was gone.

#4 – Travel for 3 months

This is perhaps the most selfish item on this list. But, like all the others, it requires large amounts of money. I’d like to have 3 months all to myself to just travel. If I wanted to stay in the States or travel overseas, that’d be my call. Just journey alone across this world and see things I’d never likely get to see in an average lifetime. And I’d want to go alone so I could just quietly observe, walk around, enjoy and ponder the meaning of things. Not have to worry about keeping anyone else entertained. Just me and the world and whatever it might offer.

#3 – Be a popular writer / creator of entertainment

Write an epic fantasy/sci-fi novel that is so popular, it’s optioned for television series, merchandise and follow-up tales of adventure. I would’ t want to be lumped with the likes of Dickens or Shakespeare or even Mark Twain. Throw me out there with the regular guys who just like to write and let my brilliance do the work.

#2 – One awesome family vacation

I’d love to treat my wife and sons to a vacation where money was no object. We could just go and enjoy ourselves without a care in the world. Give them memories of a destination and time with each other that would last a lifetime. Something they’d have to tell everyone about through out their lives. “There was this one time my dad …” or “I remember when my husband …”

#1 – See  my children grow. Know my family is happy

Of course, for me the number one item on my boring bucket list is my family. My sons. I’d love nothing more, before I die, than to see them grow up into young men. Graduate, have families of their own and maybe present me with a grandchild or two. I’d like to see my children raised up to be happy, healthy, and loved.


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