Ugly Sweater

My wife informed me last weekend that this weekend we would be attending an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. This is a get-together of 6 couples from the church my wife attends and us. It sounds more like a Dirty Santa type of deal, as the only requirements are to bring a male and female gift and finger food or dessert. Ever the one to be a standout, my wife has taken the liberty of actually creating an ugly sweater to fit the name of the party. It is pretty nasty looking, with huge ornaments hanging from it in various places and a candy cane here and there. The Yoda head in a Santa hat was a nice touch.

There was also one other rule for attending. No kids allowed. This makes me uncomfortable for a few reasons. 1) I’m not a big people person, so I’m already going to be uncomfortable in this large group of folks. 2) These are people that attend church together, what is going to be going on that children can’t be present for. 3) There are maybe 2 times that I can count in nearly 11 years that we’ve ever been anywhere without a child in tow.

In short, it just don’t feel right.

But I’ll go because it will make The Wife happy and prevent any arguments over the subject of how I never want to go anywhere. So wish me luck, people! And if you don’t hear back from me within a week or two, send help.


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