We Have A Winner!

Following up on my Ugly Sweater post the other day, I wanted to announce that my wife did win the girl’s ugliest Christmas sweater contest. Her prize was a $15 Blue Coast Burrito gift card.

As for the party, it was actually really fun. I’m always antsy around large crowds due to my anxiety, but it all worked out. The folks were funny and not too uptight considering they were church folk. Though as we were leaving for the night, our hosts said to us, “Now remember, don’t go telling everyone how we really act.”

I’m still not sure if that was meant as a serious request or a joke. They weren’t really laughing. Either way, fun was had by all. Dirty Santa left me with a nonstick baking pan, which won’t go to waste, but I’d have much rather had the $15 iTunes gift card I stole from someone else.

The rest of my weekend consisted of hanging up a few Christmas lights – which was also successful as my oldest son jumped out of the car with his mouth hanging open and eyes wide. He liked it, and really that’s all that matters to me.

The rest of my week ahead includes getting in a little sleep and getting up early to head in to work for some over time while our supervisor is out after having a triple bypass last week. Good times, good times.

Y’all have a good week as well. Take care!

P.S. I would post a picture of my wife’s ugly sweater, but I don’t think she wants to be a star on my blog. Instead, I’ll leave you with a view of some of my decorating.



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