The Flash – Episode 9, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”

** Spoiler Warning – This discussion of Episode 9 of The Flash, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” contains heavy spoilers. Read at your own risk! **


Have you been watching The Flash? I hope so because it has proven itself to be a great show in its freshman season. In fact, if you’ve been following Barry Allen’s story since episode one, then you were rewarded in a pretty big way with the mid-season finale, The Man in the Yellow Suit. The 9th episode in the series, and the last one until January 20, 2015, and we were finally given a story dedicated to Barry meeting the mystery man that killed his mother. It was, indeed, the man in the yellow suit, who we know from the comics is Reverse Flash or we’re assuming it’s also Professor Zoom (aka Eobard Thrawne, a villain from the 25th century.)

The meat of the episode was divided between Eddie Thrawne attempting to talk their chief into allowing him to form a task force that would hunt down the growing menace to society, the Flash. There were smatterings of Barry and Iris coming to terms with just what kind of emotions existed between them, and a little extra pressure of Eddie asking Iris to take the big step and move in with him.

Barry’s father told his son that it was time for him to stop chasing that yellow lighting and learn to live his own life before it was all gone. Barry cried and had a new leash on life, even revealing his true love of Iris, but still shying away from telling her of his secret identity. He also didn’t force her to choose, congratulating her and Eddie on their step up in relationship status.

The second half, which involved the Flash getting his butt handed to him by Reverse Flash was well done. They completely blurred RF’s face out so we couldn’t really tell who was behind that mask, and his voice was disguised by (what we would find out later) was some distortion device. Hmm, Barry can alter his voice by vibrating his vocal cords, but this guy has to use another means.

Reverse Flash proves to be much more powerful than our Flash, and much faster. He doesn’t give any real answers though. We’re treated to our longest glimpse of him as he is captured in a specially modified containment beam in S.T.A.R. labs that Prof. Wells had cooked up. Even more suspicious, is that Wells clearly states he had to up the levels of the field but knew Reverse Flash would be okay because of how fast his cells could regenerate. RF then leaps through the field, grabs Wells and pulls him into the barrier and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Shouldn’t this have killed Wells? I mean, since his cells can’t regenerate as fast … am I right? And all the while, Eddie, Joe and the Flash Task Force are all there watching.

Now, the way the story is playing out, one would almost assume Joe’s partner, Eddie Thrawne is the man who will become the Reverse Flash, out of some sort of revenge. They’re certainly setting him up to be an enemy of the Flash in his attempts to form a team to hunt down the streakster and prevent him from committing any more “crimes,” as Eddie sees it. But then at the end of the episode we’re given the reveal that Professor Wells (in his top secret future room) possesses a Flash ring that opens up a panel holding the Reverse Flash costume.


This was certainly a big plot twist, even though we all knew Wells was up to something, could he really be the Reverse Flash? He was certainly standing like a costumed hero/villain as he gazed upon the yellow and black outfit that hummed with energy from the device he strapped to its chest. Or could this also be a diversion to lead us away from another reveal that may come from way out in left field?

There was also the reveal that there just may have been TWO Flash’s in the Allen household the night Barry’s mom was murdered, as witnessed by the fact that when the Flash and Reverse Flash are duking it out, it’s noticed that there are red and yellow streaks playing off of each other. Just like that special night. This is more than likely what we’re leading up to with the news headline which claims that the Flash disappears and hasn’t been heard from again. I’m assuming that’ll be the day he goes back in time to his mother’s death. I think we can also assume that he’s the reason young Barry gets swished out of the house and to the safety of the street.

But yea, I’m still not sure Wells or Eddie is Reverse Flash. True, we’re playing with time here, so I suppose Wells could have come back in time and beat himself up as Reverse Flash, but that seems kinda over complicating the plan, if there is one. And Eddie Thrawne could be the Reverse Flash, which would explain why he was staring on in shock as a young cop while the future Reverse Flash beat up Wells. He simply hasn’t become the Reverse Flash yet, but will venture back in time once he does.

OR AS A FINAL THEORY, Wells and Thrawne could be in it together. Wells will somehow craft him to become the Reverse Flash out of the hatred of Barry’s love for Iris or out of pure vengeance for some other wrong that we’ll see revealed soon. They could all be in this together, son!

On a side note, it is nice to see Amanda Pays back as Tina McGee, though odd since she’s the same character but on the opposite side of S.T.A.R. Labs. In fact, she seems to be head of another science facility that tickles the back of my memory with the name of Mercury Labs? I believe that was the name, wasn’t it? Either way, we’ve gotten her guest appearance and story has it that Mark Hamill will be returning to the role he played in the 90’s series as the Trickster. Oh what fan service they’re pouring out to us!

Over all this was an exciting mid-season finale that gave us an awesome introduction and showdown between the Flash and Reverse Flash. It came to a head with the secrets Wells seems to be keeping and it set up a new avenue for conflict with Eddie Thrawne, who had a nice little chat with Joe at the end about Meta Humans and how the two of them needed to keep it to themselves to keep everyone else safe. It’s getting better with each passing episode and I think the second half of the season is going to blow the first out of the water!

All of THIS, and I didn’t even mention Firestorm …



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