The Brief Moment In Between

Every year we’re given that brief moment in between Christmas and New Years to catch our breath. It’s a pause and cause to reflect on the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one. What did we do? What will we do? Who did we lose? Who will we meet? It’s a true crossroads in time, and a crossroads we come to for many years of our lives. Are you ready?

For my household, Christmas finally arrived with all the glory and fanfare we have every year. Santa visited the children, adults either squabbled with family or embraced their true loved ones. And many of us reflected on the reason for the season – and no, I’m not talking about Isaac Newton. (Click here for the reference). For most of us, we were recovering from the flu. Both kids had it, I believe that’s what I’ve been fighting off with over-the-counter meds for the past 2 months, and two days before Christmas my mom came down with it as well. I’m still coughing – something I always seem to do, but since Thanksgiving it’s been a continuous hacking.

Now we’ve moved on and tonight was our last Christmas event as we opened the gifts my mom had for the kids. Which brings me to the future. New Years Eve is now upon us. Just days away and we’ve all got to hurry up and get those resolutions in for final draft checks and editing before publication. Mine’s ready to go, and as I do every year I’ll be sharing my hopes and dreams for 2015. What will it be this year? Probably more of the same: weight loss, debt management and just being a better person over all. But it’s tradition to make those resolutions, darn it, and it never hurts to reach for a higher level for yourself.

And, of course, there’s the annual taking down of the Christmas decorations. Can’t forget that lovely gem of an activity. Always a highlight at my house as the neighbors gather by their windows and watch as I take the little mechanical claw we use to reach clothes that have fallen behind the washer or dryer and reach up to my butters and rip down the Christmas lights. In several jerks from the claw, I can send gutter strips flying and bring my lights safely to the ground where all I have to do is tangle them all up and throw them in a Rubbermaid bucket. Ahhh, tradition. And as for those stray gutter clips – fear not. I take care of those the first time I mow my lawn for the year. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr-kachomp! And away that sucker flies in a couple of directions.

Man with a plan, that’s what they call me.

But it’s late and I need some sleep. So to you, Dear Reader, I say have a good night, a great week, and I’ll see you – probably – in 2015.


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