Vacation Blog: Day Ten

Today I hung out around the house all day telling my wife how I was going to take down all of our Christmas decorations and get things straightened the way she wanted them. She was busy herself, so we just kinda did our own thing. Around 3pm, I still hadn’t touched any decorations so I loaded up in the car and made a run to the bank and swung by to pick me up a Five Guys Bacon Cheese Dog.

Later this evening, around 7pm, we decided that even though nothing else had been done, we should run to Toys R Us and pick up a toy box for the baby. They had one left and we just happened to luck up on it. The Wife then treated ME of all people to dinner at Steak n’ Shake, which is right across the street from Toys R Us. It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten at a Steak n’ Shake, and I have to admit that it was pretty good. Especially the cheese fries.

Yeah, I know, we discussed dieting and weight loss just yesterday I believe. Back off me, man, it isn’t every day my wife offers to treat me to a meal!

Now it’s midnight and everyone is bed. I work better at night (that’s what she said) and have already gotten all of our interior Christmas decorations packed away and ready for storage tomorrow when I can see what I’m doing. The outside lights and inflatables will take maybe 30 minutes tops and voila! We’ll be ready for the new year, looking as if Christmas never happened.


On top of that, The Wife got an idea in her brain to take our section we use as a dining room and turn it into an open play area/sitting area for the kids and company. I guess it used to be a dining room before previous owners tore down a wall and made it a large open area with the living room, entry way and hallway. So we’re not really doing away with our dining room. We moved our table – which rarely gets used anyways – into the kitchen on the far end in front of a window looking out. It’s actually nicer than I imaged it would be. Now we just have to figure out how she wants the “sitting/play” area.

Personally I’m ready to throw another tv up on the wall, plop a sofa down with reclining ends and enjoy it for myself. But I’ve already been over ruled.


Six more days left, folks. I’m sure I’ll get some movie watching and gaming time in there somewhere. I’d also like to work in some time for our oldest son and I to get out together and do something. We made some hot chocolate tonight and sat at the table and talked for a bit, but then it was bedtime for him and work time for me.

So an eventful uneventful day that I actually did enjoy. Here’s to 6 more easy going days remaining.


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