Challenge for Change

As if he had read my mind, a friend of mine sent me a message last night asking if I’d be interested in a little friendly competition. Nine hours later, we have a Facebook page set up with (currently) 18 members in the group. All are friends in one way or another, though we don’t all live in the same area. But basically, we’re coming together to have a little monthly competition on who can lose the most weight.

To make things more interesting, those that wish to up the ante a bit can put $20 per team into a pot each month. After a specified amount of time, the team that has the most combined percentage of body mass lost wins the pot. You aren’t required to contribute to this, but you also can’t win if you don’t. It’s just an extra perk if you want to move up to that level. Otherwise, we are all there together to lay out our information and offer one another support as we try to ring in 2015 in a more healthy and fit way.

This friendly challenge beings Tuesday, January 6, 2015 and will last until whenever. I assume until no one is left participating. Starting pictures, start weight and a team name (if you’re on a team) are required by this time. I’m excited and super scared at the same time. 18 people to be flashing your stats to every month is a lot! I suppose the key here is not to fail and just try as hard as you can.

So wish me luck! I’m going to need it, especially with my wife as a partner. I’m not sure if she gets that we’re both on the same team, but her trash talk has already began – with me!


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