Brick Wall


Have you ever felt the urge to be creative? It’s a strong urge sometimes, one that threatens to make your head explode with so much pressure. But then there’s the times when it’s like all that creativity is trapped behind a brick wall, banging to get out but there’s no door to open. You can whip out a pen and paper or begin poking the keys on a keyboard, but it’s just not powerful enough to free those poor ideas from their prison.

This is where  I am at tonight. I want to write something, to bang something out before I head to bed. But nothing’s coming. I’ve opened a few documents here and there and added a few lines or just read over what I’ve already gotten down at another point in time.


I hate feeling this way. My moments of creativity don’t come as often as they used to. I blame it on adulthood, growing up and letting the imagination go unused for too long of a time. We focus on paying mortgages, raising kids, keeping spouses happy and working overtime to keep up with the Jones’s. Meanwhile, our methods of expression fade away.

Or maybe I’m just being too dramatic.

Either way, regardless of my skill level, I have the urge to tell a tale, but I guess the brick wall wins out this time. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying to jackhammer through it, though. And until that brick and mortar chips away enough to allow the creativity to flow, I’ll just keep pecking at the keyboard and see if I can’t speed it up a little.


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