Mobile Gaming for January 2015

What are you playing on the go? What apps do you have on your smartphone that you’re dabbling around in for entertainment? Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been enjoying (and getting tired of) for awhile. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’ve lost my creative spark upon returning to work after two weeks off – hence, no updates!

Run, Sackboy, Run! – It’s Sackboy from the Little Big Planet series of games. This is a side scrolling run and jump game for distance. As with all these types of games, you’re running to get the farthest distance while collecting items that will give you a power-up or currency to buy upgrades, costumes, etc in the Shop. To coincide with the release of Little Big Planet 3, there is two special collections you can complete that will give you a t-shirt and a gnome costume for your console game.

It’s a fun little time killer that you can pick up and play and then put right back down without missing a beat. Free, of course.

Angry Birds Transformers – Oh my gosh, this is getting out of hand! The birds and pigs have now expanded into the realm of our beloved Transformers, and it’s pretty fun! The birds are the heroic Autobirds and the pigs are the despicable Deceptipigs (I’m honestly not sure if that’s the exact name of the bad guys, but let’s just assume it is.)

Each level starts with AstroTrain flying you into the beginning. You then have to run through the level shooting the various pigs that are also shooting back at you. You can transform into a vehicle to speed passed dangerous falling objects and tap to call in a friend to help eliminate  harder sections of the level for a few seconds. The goal is to make it to the end where your pals are waiting to pick you up. You collect coins and pig kill count that can both be used to (coins) upgrade your characters and (pigs) unlock more characters.

Not an Angry Birds fan, but this is a pretty fun little running game that you can waste a lunch break on.

Spider-Man Unlimited – YET ANOTHER RUNNER! That’s right, except this one is also a runner/swinger/jumper/slider/whatever. You collect, level up and modify a variety of collectible alternate universe Spider-Men while collecting yellow viles, defeating enemies and avoiding obstacles. Fun, but it can lead to issues when you run out of space to grow your Spider-Man collection.

Epic Island – I posted a brief review of Epic Island some time back. I’m sad to report that I’ve pretty much lost interest in this game. It’s now become too much of a grind. All my dungeons are level 5 (they can rank up higher but 5 is the required level to consider it complete). I’ve unlocked all the sections of the island and participated in the Halloween event. I’ve even made it to the main boss’s hide out. You now have to grind, combine or buy equipment powerful enough to defeat him because what you’ve collected so far is more than likely not going to be enough.

The game does offer faction and pvp rankings, but once you make it to the boss, chances are you’ll be bored to. Unless, of course, the grind for gear is your thing. It’s not Diablo 3, but the gear grind is real and gets to be annoying/boring after awhile.

Marvel Puzzle Quest – Sort of a Bejeweled clone and a collectable card game. You battle a story mode variety of villains or go into a pvp series of events to compete for prizes. I’m invested monetarily in this game because you require space in your inventory to add new character cards. You can earn Hero Points, but that’s a long road to travel. It’s so much easier to let iTunes charge you for a few hundred at a time at $4.99 a pop. Yes, I am ashamed, but I do it on occasion, darn it.

The character cards can be leveled up and upgraded by using additional “covers.” It can get boring and repetitive, but it’s still a go-to for me every once in awhile.

And finally, the two latest additions:

Bingo Blitz – I don’t know why, but I love a good bingo game. This has become one of my favorite game versions. There are various cards to play and unlock collectibles on.

Pocket Trains – An 8-bit train simulator from the folks that brought us Tiny Tower. It’s fun enough to waste some time.

What are you playing on the run?


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