Currently Reading: Caverns & Creatures by Robert Belvan


When I say I’m currently reading Caverns & Creatures, I mean that I’m currently reading the entire series as I can read it. Caverns & Creatures is the name of the series, not the name of each individual tale. In all, there are three main novels (so far) that advance the story of our … um … heroes. The remaining tales are a series of short stories where our main group goes off on some wild quest for one reason or another.

Bevan is great at delivering the laughs and crafting a story around them. The jokes are crude and the language pretty harsh at times. But that’s honestly part of the appeal. If you are a gamer – especially of the D&D variety, you should at least give the main trilogy a try. They are quick reads and fun throughout.

The only caveat I offer is this: No matter how much you like the series, I would not recommend following Mr. Bevan on Twitter. He will spam your timeline to the high Heavens and back again all day and night. If you still want to show your support, though, follow him and then mute his posts. Hate to be rude, but it works and was necessary for me.


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