Man Down

Sunday morning, just after midnight, I had a coughing spell and couldn’t catch my breath. When I realized this, I jumped out of bed and started toward the living room where my wife had fallen asleep. Well, it seems when the brain doesn’t receive oxygen for “x” amount of time, it freaks out and shuts the body down. Reboots it, I guess you could say. So when I came to, I hadn’t even made it out of our bedroom. I was laying in the doorway, crumpled up like a rag doll, face down.

To make a long story sort of short, I broke my right hand, busted my bottom lip, cut the inside of lip on my bottom teeth, screwed up my left knee and judging from how I’ve felt today, I hit my head pretty good. Been kinda woozy.

Typing this out with one hand. No further updates until I get more finger action on the keys. Y’all have a good week 🙂


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