I’m Back

Broken fingers be darned! I’m back in action, until something else happens, anyways. My orthopedist took an X-ray on my second visit and said everything is cool and healing nicely. I admit, I have reservations about that diagnosis since I was looking right at the X-ray and could still see the jagged break on either side of the top and bottom of the bone in question. 

But who am I to question!?  He told me to give it 4 more weeks, exercise the joints individually and only come back if I still felt there was an issue. (Shrug) I guess. 

Other than that it’s been a crappy February with pretty much everything that could go wrong actually going wrong.  So I am really looking forward to a better March. Meanwhile, I have a few topics I’ll be posting about next week to get back on track. I’ll see you then. 


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