This Weekend’s Activities!

Saturday was a busy day for us. The Wife and Kids went to an early birthday part at LTA Depot in Murfreesboro while I ran a few errands and drug out some equipment we would need for later in the afternoon. And by later in the afternoon, I mean about 1 PM. Around that time, our guests started showing up to help with some projects around the house. The Wife’s parents, grandparents and her uncle came over and we tackled a few things involving electrical and plumbing. Throw in waiting on parts from Lowes, we spent a good 5 hours on 6 different projects we had planned out. All-in-all, it went much better than I anticipated! Later that evening, after I cleaned up a little bit, we went out for dinner at O’Charley’s. A great Saturday that helped me appreciate what pretty good in-laws I have.

Today we all slept in ’til around 10 AM. Afterwards, we got up, got dressed and went to have lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse with The Wife’s parents and grandparents. I came back home and cleaned up what was left setting around from yesterday evening and then settled in to watch a couple of movies.

Mercy Rule

Mercy Rule is one of those Kirk Cameron films. One of those films, them there family oriented films. To appreciate Mercy Rule, you have to get passed a few things that hurt it in the 2 hour running time. These things include: (1) the jerky camera motion. I’m sure this was done for effect, but all it does is make the production seem poor, in my opinion. (2) the editing cuts between the two stories that are going on in the plot is horrible. It seriously gave me a headache the way the movie would switch between the two for – at times – a few seconds each. And (3) as with all films in this category, the acting at times leaves a bit to be desires.

If you can get passed these pretty serious issues, the underlying story in Mercy Rule is a really good one. I came away with the feeling it was about teamwork, coming together and what a real legacy is that families leave one another. It also tried to throw in the message that government is bad for business with all their regulations and taxations and laws governing this and that. It was a bit heavy on that in the plot as Cameron’s character tries to get out of some legal paperwork he signed.

If you’re a Kirk Cameron fan, or just want a movie you can watch with the family without being afraid of what’s going to pop up on screen or come out of a character’s mouth, this is a good film. The basic message is strong, if you can pay attention with all the edits going on up there on the screen.


Based on the novel by Joe Hill (yes, he’s the son of You Know Who), Horns was so much better than I expected it to be. Admittedly, I haven’t read the novel it’s based on, but the movie was darn good. Humor, crime drama, paranormal crap going on, language and nudity. The complete opposite of what I was just talking about above. The story was good, the acting great, the humor funny. Good movie, I look forward to more adaptions of Hill’s works.

And that’s my weekend. How was yours?


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