Weekend Movie/Television Watching for March 21-22

The Dirties

This film is about bullying. It’s about losing your sense of reality. It’s about those people who live and breath movies, pop culture and filmmaking and can’t separate reality from fiction. The Dirties is about two high school students who set out to make a movie for their film class. Unfortunately, one of them starts to lose touch with reality as real life bullying pushes him to make the subject of their film into a real plan – in short, kill the bullies.

An independent film with dodgy camera effects as the movie is supposedly filmed by a third friend that we never see. I found one of the main characters to be extremely annoying and almost stopped watching the film when I suddenly realized I know people like this! If you are into indy productions and want a film with a message, go ahead and check it out.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Didn’t get to see this sequel when it first came out, but this weekend I queued it up on Netflix to watch. I admittedly fell asleep during the middle because we’d just returned home from being out all afternoon. But the movie is so much more dramatic than I remember the first being. It’s sad, funny, action-packed and beautiful to watch as all the different dragons come to life. The film does a spectacular job at revealing how breathtakingly huge the Alpha’s are during the final battle sequences.

V/H/S: Viral

The first two VHS movies were okay. I wasn’t a huge fan, but each film had a decent wrap around story and there were a couple of good shorts thrown in between. With Viral, however, I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan this time around. There were still one or two good shorts in there, but over all I didn’t care for the wrap around as much. And the wrap around story is what you have to hit on the head and nail it with because itĀ is the glue that holds them together, right? Still worth checking out if you follow the franchise.

ABC’s of Death 2

I saw the first film last year. A third film is announced at the end of this one. I’m sure I’ll watch the 3rd one out of morbid curiosity, but really we should just all skip this crap.

The Interview

Franco. Rogen. Jong-un. It had moments of humor, moments of absurdity. It had James Franco singing Katy Perry’s “Firework” song to Kim Jong-un. Then all hell breaks loose in the last 15 minutes or so and makes up for the rest of the movie. Action, blood, death, mayhem! But it’s all about personal taste. If you’re not a fan of Franco or Rogen, dodge it. Otherwise, just sit through it uncomfortably as we do all movies by this team of actors.

The Flash, Episode 15 – “Out of Time”

We’re up to episode 15, folks, and this is one of my current favorite shows on television. The Flash is already far enough along that it’s laughing at itself at times, breaking a wall by referring to events in their history as, “That was week 3,” in terms of villains and such. And Episode 15, Out of Time, broke the mold by playing a big hand of reveals. There was a major character death, there was a major character reveal/setup, and there was time travel. Yes, time travel. What’s even more amazing? There’s still at least four more episodes left this season!



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