Spoilers And Me

I keep re-reading my Book Report post on T. Joseph Browder’s Infernal and I’m just not happy with it. Me holding back on spoilers is like telling the sun not to shine. It’s like telling the earth not to rotate. It’s like … like … well, those may be a bit dramatic in relation to posting a book review with spoilers, but you get my point. So, I’m considering reposting the review, complete with spoilers and a little more depth in my discussion of what’s going on in the tale. I don’t want to become one of those guys that posts spoiler-free and spoiler-filled blog posts. But I definitely think the spoiler-filled way is the way for me to go. I just gotta talk about stuff, ya know?

What are your takes on reviews with spoilers in them? Of course, I will provide ample warning, but do you mind reading spoiler reviews for books/movies/series?


One thought on “Spoilers And Me

  1. I do not mind spoilers.in fact it kinda calms me to know what is going to happen. it is hard to explain but I like spoilers. you always give ample warning and so people can choose to read or not to read it is up to them. the review will feel lore organic if you don’t hold yourself back or write with restrictions that you have a hard time working under. I enjoy your reviews and will keep reading them

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