My thoughts on the gaming industry

My friend, Ares, begins his E3 blog posts for the year. Here is his opening shot …

World of Ares

Well, it’s that time of year. E3 is just a couple weeks away, and just like last year, I like to jot down what I think will show up at E3 and match it to what actually does show up. We even have some additional pressers this year to check out from Bethesda and a first ever PC conference that is sponsored by AMD.

First, I’ll give my thoughts on the industry as a whole, where I see it going, etc. Let me preface it first by saying, I don’t consider myself a fan or “fan-boy” of any particular system, I own them all. I also do a majority of my gaming on PC, so I like to think I can be fairly objective without letting brand loyalty or sentiment get in the way.

In my next post, I’ll give my thoughts on E3 itself


Microsoft, much like Sony…

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