Praying for Gray and Mason

One of the podcasts I enjoy listening to is Everyday Gamers. It is a fun and entertaining podcast concerning gaming, mainly. It’s a show you can listen to with your kids around. One of the hosts, Jay Sims, who goes by MeefJ on Twitter, can use your prayers. I won’t relate their entire story here, but he and his wife have young twins, Gray and Mason, that were born early. Gray is pretty healthy, as far as it goes, however, Mason has had one trial after another and must have constant medical attention. August 26, they had to put him intubate and paralyze him. This poor baby has been through so much, but now it all seems to be coming to a head.

Please, please pray for this fine family and their child. Having a child close in age to their’s and seeing the photos today has brought tears to my eyes. Going back through the Facebook page and seeing some of the videos of Mason laughing and playing versus the horrible things he has to endure had me crying out right tonight before I typed this. So please, take a moment and send a prayer out for this sweet baby.

Prayers, good vibes, healing thoughts, and just the acceptance that what is best for Mason will be done. Visit their Facebook page – Praying for Gray and Mason – to learn more about the family and their journey with the twins, including current updates on little Mason’s condition.

Thank you!


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