Week One: Attitude

A blog post or two ago, I mentioned that I had come to a fork in the road. I chose the rocky road, the one that will require a little more effort than I’m used to putting out. I consider last week to be my first week of working out. The first thing I feel I need to change is my attitude, and so that’s where I began.

For the last few weeks, a co-worker and I have been delving into deeper conversations than normal. We’re discussing ourselves, how to better our lives and change for the better all around. Because we are one of two teams that work together at night in our department, we’re together with each other more than our families – 5 days a week, 8-10 hours a day straight. We’ve been bouncing ideas off one another, helping build one another up and … well, basically, trying to change our attitudes.

My attitude is a negative one. I can be as positive as the next guy, but at work I’m horrible. I’m mean spirited, gossip, talk down to certain folks and just berate others for nothing more than my being bored or angry at something else. My attitude needed a major overhaul. To start with, I’m learning to bite my tongue, keep my mouth shut, steer away from gossip as much as I possibly can with my work environment. At home, I’m holding my silence, not arguing, offering encouraging words and trying to be cheerful and helpful.

I think it’s working!

I’ve had lapses, brief and sudden, but I recover quickly and draw back away from the situation that caused it. In all honesty, it’s like training your mouth and brain to cooperate and get on the same page. That may be a poor way to describe it, and it may seem to counter what  I’m wanting to do over all, which is be a better man. But hear me out. Everything we do in life is through training. We aren’t born talking, we learn through training and repetition. We don’t run out of the womb on our own, we learn to roll, crawl, walk and run through training, falling down and getting back up and trying again. Everything we do throughout our lives is learned habits. So, why not keeping our silence, minding our business?

It may sound like a cheat workaround, but I believe that by training myself to be silent, be patient, not gossip, no slander, etc, that I can eventually make it an everyday natural thing. Just like walking, talking, breathing, etc. I got the idea from the book, The Love Dare. Yes, you may have heard of it. But basically, once you start reading that very first dare, that’s exactly what they’re telling you to do when dealing with your spouse! I kid you not, you’re basically training yourself to remain silent instead of arguing or insulting them. That seemed like a laughable cheat when I first read it, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. We don’t just change over night, we have to learn to change our habits for the better. To live better, to be better.

So I consider my first week a success, even with the lapses I had.

I hope to continue with my personal training routine, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with weekly updates unless I feel I’ve hit a real milestone. 🙂

Y’all have a good week! I’ll see you later.


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