September 11

September 11, we remember those lost in a horrific attack on our home soil. We celebrate the heroics of those that turned and ran toward the chaos instead of shrinking away in fear of their own safety. Seconds to minutes, to hours, days, weeks, months. Here we are years later, and we hold the day and date in memorial.
We’ve gone from standing up as a nation under God and united by a disaster, to being afraid of offending the culture that attacked us to start with. We would rather fight each other and do the enemies job for them. Tear our country apart ourselves. We have to insult one another over our choice of politics, feud over who can get married under Federal law, run down anyone who disagrees with our personal opinions, fuss over how much someone is getting paid to flip a fast food burger that’s bad for our health anyways, and may the Lord have mercy if you display any religious belief in public or, dare I say, social media. 

Oh, but on “special” days, we post messages like this and show how patriotic we are and how much we love one another and support our men and women in service. 

That’s nice. I’m not diss’ing that. I’m all about anything that brings us together as one. But if we can muster the meager energy to do it on one day, just imagine what we could do if we did it every day. If we stopped forcing our unique little snowflake feelings on one another and actually lifted one another up in glory. Remembered everyone in sickness and that has passed. Stopped worrying about offending the enemy. Helped one another and supported them in their struggles instead of embellishing what they are doing wrong …
Man, what a world that would be.
Have a great weekend, friends. Be safe.


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