Goal of the Week

I’ve been doing very well, thank you very much! I’ve been doing very well in my goals to refresh myself, broaden my horizons, strengthen my spiritual innards, and just become a more positive and happy person. I think the biggest aide in all of this has been setting aside times throughout the day for prayer. I’ve also made a point to download The Bible app, so that I can carry it with me wherever I am. Through this well featured application for my smartphone, I’ve signed up for various devotionals and Bible study courses. I make it a point to set aside time each day so that I can take in these things. I’ve been learning to bite my tongue, not contribute to negative thought, gossip talk and frustrated rants. I will offer a smile, a nod of my head, and if a proper thought comes to mind, a positive reply and/or a friendly change of subject.

These aren’t things that would work for everyone, probably, but I’ve thrown myself in to this and will see to it as long as I can. Only one person can successfully sabotage this plan, and that’s me. Oh, did I mention I have also started to go to church with my family? I’m a little ashamed to say this, but my family is also my weakest point. We see so little of each other (which I’m also working on remedying), and the short time we spend together – or the weekends when we spend the days together – usually see one, or all of us getting frustrated or mad at something. I realized this last week that I’m going to have to start out by taking the same approach at home as I do at work, to begin with. Bite the tongue, respond with positive motivation, smile. Patience is a rare virtue, and one I’m learning to use more often. I hope to bring it back out of obscurity.

But enough of the updates! A new thing I decided to do – to share – each week, is my Goal of the Week. Each week, I’ve been adding to what I’ve introduced the week before. It’s small, piddly things that most people would probably laugh at, but when you’re basically starting from scratch, you take the baby steps. Baby steps. Imagine Bill Murray or Richard Dreyfus repeating those words to you, makes it more delicious for your tastebuds.

“So, why don’t you call this new thing Baby Steps?”

Hey! Hey … eyes over here, buddy. I’m writing this blog, darn it. We’re calling it Goal of the Week. Plus, “baby steps” is sooo 1991.

So, yes, Goal of the Week will be a post that springs up every Sunday, or so, and will introduce what I plan on working on that particular week. I’ll be glad to take comments, suggestions, ideas, etc on how to stick to the goal and make it work. I’m all about helping a brother out! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few more chores to get to.


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