Goal of the Week: Snack Foods

I’m guilty. I honestly don’t eat much, meal-wise. But through out the entire day, I’m snacking. Not healthy snacking, either. I’m picking at potato chips, Little Debbie cakes, mini donuts, candy bars, etc. I have a weakness for snack food, no matter how nasty it is for you.

My goal of the week is to eliminate snack foods from my days. Starting first thing Monday morning, the beginning of my week, my goal is to steer clear of these unhealthy speed bumps in my life. No snack cakes when I want a quick bite. No chips with my meals or by themselves, late at night in front of the computer. No candy bars when I get bored at work. No. No. No.

This is probably going to be one of the biggest goals I’ve undertaken because it’s the one habit done without so much as a thought. I walk by a cabinet, grab a snack. I wander into the break room at work and pop a few coins into the vending machine. No thought involved at all. But this week, there will be thought. I can do this. I’ve avoided goals like this since beginning this journey, choosing to work more on my mental and spiritual improvements over my physical and weight oriented goals. No more holding back, though. This is going to be a chore for a big boy such as myself.


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