Jack of Many Trades, Master of None

When it comes to blogging, I admit that I’m not very good at it. But I do it. Something else I’m not very good at, right now, is praying. But I do it. I’m what one might call a noob in my spiritual walk with The Lord, so I have a lot to learn on this journey. This blog is my personal point of sharing my life, and as such it’s where I’ll share my experiences, post my requests, and share what has changed in my life as it happens.

I’ve always been a part time Christian, I suppose. Even as a child I was made to go to church, though no one ever really took the time to explain why I was being made to go or what I was suppose to do. I simply went, listened to bits and pieces of the sermon’s, made paper airplanes out of the bulletins and drew on notebook paper. Fun times. Then we’d pack back up in the car and drive home and that would be it until the next Sunday. Never any discussion, never any talk of prayer or God or anything else. Just those Sundays when we’d attend Westgate Baptist Church.

As I got old enough, we stopped going all together, as I remember. There was a long period of time that we didn’t attend any church. Then, one day, my mom started going to a new church. I’m sure there were others here and there in-between that dry spell, but they weren’t anything that amounted to memories. This new one I attended once in a blue moon. The preacher was nice, but something about the points of the messages they were trying to drive home didn’t sit right. Something felt off in my mind. The last time I attended there was when they called people to come up front and kneel around some of the deacons, and told them to pray with them as if they were Jesus’ disciple. Then they launched into a discussion of how baptism was showing you were a member of that church, and if you didn’t want to become a member, you should basically go somewhere else. This was a baptist church, as well. I’m not dissing all baptist churches, I’ve just not had great experiences with the few I’ve attended.

My wife attended a Church of Christ. I went with her several times to this¬†particular church. The preacher was nice, taught a good message, and didn’t really pander to the audience. He preached hard and taught from The Bible as a preacher should. It came to a point, however, that the deacons were becoming uncomfortable with some of his messages, perhaps they were even hitting too close to home, so they told him he needed to tone it down. Sure enough, he listened, and the power flowing through that church was lost. It was at this church, at the height of his sermon-giving, that I felt the urge to go forward and give myself to Christ. I resisted because the feeling I had scared me a bit, to be honest. Seeing how it ended there, I’m glad I did wait – as sad as that may be to say. It could have seriously scarred me considering my church history.

Now, we attend a new church. My wife has been going for several years now, and I’ve just recently started to attend on a semi-regular basis. The last few months, however, I’ve also began a personal quest to improve myself as a man, a husband, and a father. One of those improvements is strengthening my spirituality and bringing myself closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Yes, I do believe in them, and I believe we need to get right with The Lord now before our nation gets any worse. Things are going down hill fast, and I don’t think we can move fast enough to avoid a head on collision with whatever is coming, but the least we can do is surrender ourselves to Christ and The Father, and turn away from our nation’s unGodly ways.

That’s the long and short of my story, ladies and gentleman. Nothing fancy, and it is considerably compacted for the purpose of this post. There will be more show and tell’s later, though, I promise. This is what the blog is about, after all, my journey into a closer bond and understanding with Jesus. It’s a walk we all need to take, just as long as we stick to the path and don’t stray every time a carrot is dangled in front of us.

– J.


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