My Doctor Who Spin-off Pitch

If you haven’t yet heard, the BBC is planning on launching a spin-off of Doctor Who next year. The young adult author Patrick Ness will be doing the writing for the series, known currently as “Class.” It will take place at the fictional Coal Hill School, known from the very first episode of Doctor Who, and most recently as the place where current companion, Clara Oswald. Coal Hill School even played the main location for one of last season’s (season 8) episodes starring Capaldi. It will be a teenage cast and aims to bring in a younger audience to the franchise.

Now …

If I were to pitch a spin-off series for the beloved Doctor Who, it would go a little something like this. (Ahem)

Doctor Who: Companions

It would be about all of The Doctor’s former companions meeting once a week for coffee at a small diner. They share stories, updates on their lives, etc. But suddenly, an adventure falls into their laps, so they must each bring the skills they’ve learned from The Doctor to the forefront and team together to save the world in The Doctor’s absence.
I’d watch it. It could even include companions from the radio dramas, comics, etc. Watcha think?

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, and I’ve thought it, too. In this huge Internet connected world of ours, I’m sure there is some fan fiction lying dormant on some forum or archive with just such a story typed out on it. But that just means it’s such a wonderful idea that others have thought of it!

If you could create a Doctor Who spin-off, or a spin-off of any television series, what would it be? And yes, I understand for creative purposes, you may not want to share and “give away” your idea. 🙂 All I ask is that if you use mine, let me read it so I can see how it turns out!


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