40 Minutes, Nothing to Show for It

After my post the other day, I decided to do something about the lack of motivation to write. So on my lunch break, I got out my spiral notebook and blew the dust off of it before opening it up. I tapped my pen on the paper for a few minutes, then wrote a few words down.

No good. I ripped that page out and threw it away.

I wrote a few more words. A whole sentence!

No good. I ripped that page out and threw it away.

I had an idea. I started writing. Two sentences in, I’m doing great. I finish the third sentence and go back and read the 2nd sentence again and realize that it has a problem. To use the second sentence, I’m going to require a little bit of world building, as I like to categorize it as. Something I had mentioned would eventually need reference to the reader at some point because, well, it had history. So I stopped what I was doing, turned to a clean page, and begin explaining what this particular thing was, why it did what it did, where it came from, etc. All the details that make it a thing.

So now I have reference for the thing I mentioned in sentence two. But wait! Now that I’ve done that, the entire 2nd sentence can be rewritten now! Gaaah!

I’ve now spent nearly 40 minutes of my 30 minute lunch break writing three sentences and a “backstory,” if you will, and have now realized I need to rewrite those three sentences because of what I wrote in the backstory. Forty minutes, three sentences, and a required rewrite of the 2nd line already.

In short, I still haven’t wrote anything because I got in my own way.

Maybe tomorrow night!


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