New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

I know the popular consensus these days is that New Years Resolutions are pointless. While I tend to agree, one can also say, “Hey, it’s tradition!” So, going into 2016, here’s the few Resolutions I’ve decided on this year.

  1. Health. Get healthy. Lose weight. Gain a little muscle. Eat better. Take better care of myself, right to the point.
  2. Write. Every other night, no matter what, spend at least 30-minutes writing. Either blog posts, short fiction, jotting down ideas. Trash them afterwards, post them, make something out of it, either way, write and write and write. If you love it, spend more time doing it!
  3. Movies. Finally clear out that Netflix queue. Clean those movies off the dvr. Maybe on the off nights of writing, sit back and watch a movie or take in a couple episodes of a television series.
  4. Christ. Continue to expand my growth as a Christian. A follower of Christ. Consume my spiritual nourishment by studying The Bible. Pray daily for my family, friends, coworkers and those in need. Try to make a difference in others by letting my light shine in the darkness for the glory of God.
  5. Enjoy. Life, family, even work. Do it all for the greater glory, enjoy it because it’s there and because I’m blessed enough to have what others hope and pray for each day.



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