Social Media New Years Resolutions

Hey, it’s tradition! that we tend to make those personal resolutions each year. Sure, it’s a proven fact that most resolutions don’t last more than 24 days, I heard somewhere. But what about your social media-related New Years Resolutions? What are they? Social media is pretty much an integrated part of our daily lives in 2016. Even grandparents can take to social media nowadays and relate pictures of cats. So what are we planning on setting as goals for that part of our lives this year?

I thought long and hard on the subject, and this is my 2016 Social Media New Years Resolutions:

  1. Post fewer meme’s, pointless media (celebrity-related junk) and just utterly pointless crap in an attempt to make my friend’s news feeds less crappy with garbage that only I probably find humorous or sarcastic commentary that serves no purpose whatsoever.
  2. Be more strict with the “Unfriend” or “Unfollow” buttons. Fact is that we all have folks that we probably haven’t even talked to since grade school on our Facebook pages. Twitter is pretty much a gallery of people we’ve never met and are likely never to meet. So, when folks start posting items that offend you in some way, or that go against your moral grain, don’t hesitate to cut them out of your social media life completely. You may be doing them a favor as well.
  3. Don’t spam contest posts/reposts/entry retweets, etc. I know I personally find this to be rude and I hate even having to thumb past it as I scroll my tiny little mobile screen. I can’t stop anyone else from doing it (aside from following #2 above), but I can stop myself from torturing others and polluting their streams.
  4. Interact more with the groups and communities I follow. Heck, the main reason I even joined Twitter was to communicate with a few podcast hosts I followed back in the day. This year, I resolve to be more interactive.
  5. Finally, I will not go on “posting sprees.” I tend to do this when I’m really bored. Or else, I’ll post something completely off the wall and pointless because I’m bored. My goal this year is to make at least a minimum of one post per day, with a point and purpose, but not to exceed 4 posts per day in a given 24-hour period.

Have you thought about your social media life? Are there any resolutions you might have going into 2016 as far as your online life is concerned? We are more connected now than ever before, and since there seems to be no plans of giving us less digital playground to enjoy, we might as well start planning accordingly.




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