Found: Tales from the Garden Center

Back in 1994, right before graduating high school, I got a job working at our small town Wal-Mart. It wasn’t one of those big 24-hour Super Centers, we actually closed around 10pm each night. The following 6 1/2 years I worked there were some of the greatest years of my life at a job. Everything was aligned to offer the greatest experience of my early adult life.

One thing that came out of those early years was a creative collaboration with another employee. We put our heads together and created a series of stories about us, our coworkers, our store and the customers that shopped there. Tales from the Garden Center was born. A saga of heroic proportions that were based around movies of that time. Yes, we parodied movies via Wal-Mart based fiction. It’s sick and twisted, but everyone enjoyed it. Even our managers, who discovered the misplaced folder one night after we had left and passed it around between them, gave us praise.

Fast forward many years to now, and I have discovered the old tales in a folder packed away in our storage shed. Time permitting, and hopefully all the pages being in place, I hope to repost those here in the very near future. Consider them “special editions,” thought not as touched up as George Lucas would insist upon. Oh, and permitting I don’t get sued for using real people all these years later and the events in their lives at that time!

More updates to come on this archeological discovery of the century.


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