Lego Dimensions (Xbox One)


Traveller’s Tales (Tt from this point on) should just set up an account that I can funnel my money into each week. Tt is the developer of the Lego series of games. You know, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, etc., and … the master of the universe of Lego games, Lego Dimensions.

Lego Dimensions is a combination of everything you love as a pop culture fanatic. Name it. Back to the Future, it’s in there. Portal, it’s in there. The Wizard of Oz, it’s in there. Batman, Superman, all the DC Superheroes, they’re in there. The Lord of the Rings, it’s in there. Scooby Doo, Jurassic World, Doctor Who … THEY ARE ALL IN THERE!

Lego Dimensions is the greatest fantasy of pop culture junkies everywhere. All these awesome properties jammed together into a smorgasbord of awe and wonder. My friends, if you’ve ever played a Lego game and enjoyed it, this is a must have title. But, there’s a downside. The only downside with an upside that can severely hinder your fun of the game if you let it.

It’s a “Toys to Life” type of game. I’m not sure if toys to life is copyrighted or not, but that’s what I call all the products in this line of video games. Toys to life brands include Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, and several off brand games I’ve seen recently on store shelves. I have nothing bad to say about any of these other brands, they’re all great at what they offer and do. But if you want variety, Lego Dimensions delivers, my friends.

If I were to rate the “big three” toys to life companies, it’d go something like this: Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, Skylanders. I know what you’re thinking: if I love Lego Dimensions so much, why rate it 2nd? Well, that’s because Disney’s Infinity series is just beautiful and well made. They have weight, they appear to have value because of the craftsmanship. Even if you didn’t play the Infinity games, you could buy these figures and display them proudly on a wall.

The Lego Dimension figures are second because everyone loves Legos, and to be perfectly honest, they represent brands we all know and love from some point in our lives. From cartoon characters we loved as kids to movies we loved as adults. Their build quality isn’t as great as Infinity figures, though because they’re actual Legos! Yes, Lego Dimension figures are real Legos, they just snap on to a rewritable data disc. (Don’t ask me to get into the tagging technology, I have no idea.) And as for Skylanders, they’re fine, but their line has grown so large and has multiple poses of the same characters that it’s just ridiculous when it comes to space and money.

Here’s the deal: Lego Dimensions starter pack includes everything you need. It comes with the figure platform that can technically hold 7 figures and comes equipped with multicolored lights that come into the gameplay often. Sure, you can throw your platform up barebones, but the fun comes in actually building it through the course of the game. That’s right, you play the video game and build Legos as you go. The same thing applies to each expansion pack you buy because no instructions are included, it’s all part of the game. The starting figures are Batman, Wyldstyle, the Batmobile, and Gandolf. I’m just going to assume you know who those guys/gals are if you’re reading this. Oh, an aside, the vehicles can be transformed into several different models. The Batmobile itself can be used in three formations. The DeLorean from Back to the Future comes with three modes, one being the awesome hover mode from BttF 2.


That aside, as you play through the main story with our three main characters (and their vehicle) you’ll, one-by-one, unlock each world that you’ll be able to buy expansion packs for. The Wizard of Oz is the first, right off the bat. My understanding is that some expansion packs will also come with larger worlds than we see in our story missions, allowing free-roaming around such areas as Hill Valley or New York. It just blows my mind how well this game works with everything that is available for it.

Let me explain that last point. You see, in Disney’s Infinity line, versions 1 through 3.0, you can use only certain characters in the mission modes. Example, the Avenger’s mission world can only be used by the Avenger’s characters. Other Infinity characters can’t come into play in that world. That’s a dirty deal, in my eyes. If you’re going to make a game such as this, any character should be exchangeable with any other character for play and enjoyment.

In Lego Dimensions, you can launch your Scooby Doo world, bring in the Back to the Future’s hover board vehicle, place Green Lantern as a partner and bring along Owen from Jurassic World also as a playable character. Heck, we’ll even throw in Homer Simpson. So you’ve got 5 properties in play in a single game of Lego Dimensions. It blends well, even though some the animations may seem to clash with one another at times, like seeing Batman or Gandolf in the Simpson’s hometown is a bit mind-blowing. It works, it’s fun, and Tt/Lego has said they plan to support the products being released right now for at least 3 years down the road. (No, I don’t have the link to that, it’s something I read in Game Informer or Gamespot, one of the two.)

Look, if you love Legos, if you love games, if you love collectible figures, movies, cartoons, etc. Go buy this game. My goodness it’s everything I’ve wanted in a game since Skylanders introduced the genre. And just think of all the other series/movies that are possible! I mean it’s got Doctor Who, for crying out loud!

If I were to give this game a rating between 1 to 5 (5 being the best), I’d give it a 7.2



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