Sleep Issues (Not the Kind You May Be Thinking Of)

Lately, I’ve been having sleep issues. Now, I know what you’re thinking, maybe. Well, why don’t you just go to bed earlier. Don’t drink soda before sleep. Don’t eat so many hours before bedtime. Try to wake up at the same time each day. Etc. Etc. Etc.  But, I say to you, Dear Reader, that those aren’t the sleeping issues I’ve been having. Instead of not getting enough, I’m getting too much. All I want to do is sleep on some days, to the point that if I so much as sit down for a minute, I’ll doze off. Seriously.

It isn’t every day, though. Sometimes I’ll go a week or more and be fine, but then it’ll hit TB2ZBUqaVXXXXXYXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!71124987.jpg_310x310me. I’ll sleep an average night, get up and be yawning and tired all day long. I’ll be sitting on a forklift at work, or worse, driving the forklift, and feel an uncontrollable urge to sleep. My eyelids will get so heavy they’ll start shutting themselves. It’s actually kind of frightening! When I stand up and am moving around, I’m fine, but as soon as I sit down, it’s like “lights out!”

So, I’ve been dealing with this. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor before, about being tired all the time, and all they want to do is sign you up for sleep tests and tell you it’s sleep apnea. But I honestly don’t think that’s it. 98% of the time I’m good, sleep well and have great active days. But then, for about a week at a time, it’ll creep in on me and I’ll just give in. This previous weekend that’s what I did. My oldest son stayed home with me and I sat in our recliner in the den. Next thing I knew, I could hear myself snoring and wake myself up only to drift back off again. It’s crazy.

I’m hoping that since I did that for a couple of days last week and this weekend that I’ll be good this week. We’ll see. I may have to reschedule another appointment to the doctor. But as long as my bloodwork comes back normal, I just see no point in having a sleep test done. And to clarify, I have spoken to a sleep specialist before, and he asked me that list of questions. All of my answers went against what he expected except for two, which was dry mouth and feeling tired several hours after waking. Everything else I was … what would you say, negative? on. Despite that, he stammered around a few moments then said, “Oh yes, I think you are a very strong candidate for sleep study,” and then proceeded to plan out my purchases, wanted to get approval from insurance ahead of time, etc. He’d already diagnosed me without having even done the sleep test! I call shenanigans. I’m sure having extra oxygen flowing through you does help with a good nights sleep, but I think the industry as a whole is a con, sort of like prescription medication. Not everyone that gets it really needs it.

But that’s my $0.02 worth of opinion. As for me and my wanna-be narcolepsy, I’ll figure that out eventually … I hope.



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