Sleep Problems Revisited

I posted a week ago about my sleeping issues. Not that I couldn’t sleep, but that I was dozing off whenever I would sit, wherever I was at and no matter what I was doing. Several suggestions came up as to what the problem could be and what I should do. I took the most immediate and cheapest route first. Vitamin supplements.

One A Day Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Men, to be exact. It seems to have worked! I’ve been energized and ready to go each day that I’ve taken one, feeling great. I did skip one last Thursday, and sure enough, just missing out on one day of not taking a vitamin, I was nodding off at work and just felt completely “blah” all afternoon and evening long. My personal conclusion is that evidently I am seriously deficient in something the vitamins are providing, so much so that even missing one day can send me into a relapse, if you will. I’m going to continue taking the One A Day’s until I can get an appointment with my doctor to have blood work drawn and get checked out to make sure there isn’t something I’m just throwing a temporary bandaid over.

Until then, though, I recommend everyone take their daily multi-vitamin! Does a body good. 🙂



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