Currently Reading: Critical Failures IV – The Phantom Pinas by Robert Bevan

That’s right, friends! I read two complete books this last week! Two! Critical Failures IV is the latest addition to Robert Bevan’s fantasy comedy series. It’s still vulgar and offensive to pretty much everyone, cutting no corners and leaving no person out. But it’s fun. Does that make sense? More importantly, not just one for d*ck and fart jokes, Bevan actually has characters who change and grow through this story! I know, right?! And the ending is … blasphemous? Funny? Amazing? Maybe some odd offspring of all three of those, along with a major plot development to set up the next book.

CF4 was a quick read. Maybe not for everyone, and definitely not for you if you haven’t read the last three yet. Especially not for you if you haven’t at least read the 3rd book, which introduces three new characters and sets up the main plot of book 4. Aw heck, just go read all four of them and get back to me. Can’t wait for the 5th installment.



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