Adventures In Car Buying, Part One

It is officially Saturday, February 13, 2016, and my wife and I will be heading out in about 7 1/2 hours to begin our search for a new family vehicle. 

Our current modes of transportation are a 2002 Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan that I drive back and forth to work. Our “family” car is a 2007 Ford Focus 4-door car. Both have been outstanding vehicles, both bought used, and the Ford has been serviced regularly and taken care of. The Toyota has had a rough life. It was originally my wife’s car before we got married. The Toyota has 103k miles. The Ford is coming up on 97k already. 

Our current plan is to trade-in the Toyota for whatever we can get off of it, then me take the Ford as my work vehicle. Our trip out today will be to look at a few choices we’ve come up with after searching the Internet and viewing dozens of YouTube videos. While we haven’t ruled out used vehicles, which we’ve always bought over the years, we’ve decided to lean more toward new 2016 models if possible. I’ve cashed in some stock I’ve been holding on to, and our price limit is $25,000 cash for an out right purchase. We decided right up front that we didn’t want a car payment. 

So, two firsts for us on this adventure. 1) we are looking to buy a brand new vehicle. 2) we are blessed at this particular time to be able to actually buy a car, not lease or finance. 

Today’s journey will be to simply look around at a few dealerships and discuss what kind of deals are available to us. And, of course, I’m crazy enough to blog about it and bring you along! Something a little different for the blog that I’ve never done before! 

But, right now, it’s bed time. Good night! 😊


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