Just To Catch You Up …

Last week was a pretty stressful week for me. I’ll be honest, car buying has stressed me out. Actually, that’s not fair. My wife has stressed me out because of the car buying. Pretty much everything “official” has already been said in my Adventures In Car Buying posts. Nothing new, just trying to use this post to justify why I haven’t posted anything else for a few days. If you actually enjoyed my car buying posts, stay tuned, I’ll be having one or  two more coming up this week.

As for the week itself, it was an awesome week. I was positive, my mood was up and just shining. That’s not to say that there weren’t moments at work that had people testing me, but I came out pretty good. Work was great, home was great. Car buying still stressful. I have slacked off on my reading. By slacking off, I mean I haven’t read anything at all in about a week and a half. I attribute this to the stress. I hope to push my way back into it. Oh, I also blame potty training our almost two year old. My tablet is usually in his hands while he sits on the potty and watches Elmo’s World on Youtube.

Other than that, I have a goal this week. That’s right, we’re back around to the caffeine point of our goal line. I’ve had moments over the course of the year where I’ve kicked Cokes to the side for a week here, two weeks there, but I always go back to them. My wife constantly keeps our refrigerator stocked with drinks. Don’t get me wrong, there’s water in there, too, but if you’re having lunch an iced cold Coca Cola just tastes so much better than water at times.

But I digress. This week, I’m launching back into another attempt to drop the caffeine habit. Well, perhaps not drop, but to ease back on it and try to break my addiction. My hope is that I can carry this through in about a two week span, drinking only water. After two weeks, I’ll maybe ease in and enjoy a soda, maybe two. But not the usual amounts that I normally chug. Ease up on the sodas, the pop, the Coke.

Aside from the hopes of easing out of my Coke addiction, I’m thinking of trying a No Fast Food Challenge. Fast food is my weakness. But we’ll discuss that speed bump when we slow down for it. One thing at a time.

I know I’ve been everywhere in this blog post, but hey, that’s how my mind has been working this week. It’s been a great weekend, too, though so I can’t really complain. Tomorrow’s a new week, here’s to hoping it’s just as fantastic as the last one!



2 thoughts on “Just To Catch You Up …

  1. good luck! you can do it! i went off caffeine for almost a year…and then i had a coke…it was great..and just like that i was back..my weakness is coke in the morning. i love the taste of it more in the morning.I need to go back to water but as you said sometimes water and a meal just don’t mix. i mean water and pizza?! yuck!

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