Adventures In Car Buying, Part Four

Let me fill you in on a little tidbit that I may have left out of our discussions. The cars I researched for a week before actually going shopping for a car, is not the one we’ve decided on. In fact, we didn’t even really look at the cars I researched. At the very first dealership we stopped at, My wife saw a Nissan Quest van and set her eyes on it. I don’t mind telling you that 1) this was not what we came to look at, and 2) it was beyond our price range. Of course, she wanted the space that came with the van, and that’s fine, but there’s still the price to deal with. Believe it or not, she was actually able to negotiate that sucker down to something that even I was willing to go with – but only after we reviewed other options in the market.

I’ll remind you – if I haven’t already told you – that the vehicles I’d researched and was planning on looking at to buy, were crossover SUV’s. Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Ford Edge, Jeep Cherokee. Vehicles along those lines. Needless to say, this isn’t the route my wife went!

I already ran down the places we visited – Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Carmax. But she kept going back to the van. After returning to look at the van one day, she started pawing around a Pathfinder. Again, a nice luxury vehicle, but nowhere near our price range, and it cost even more than the van for the features and options that she wanted. The poor salesman at Nissan did try to get us a good deal, even going as far as to talk to the owner of the dealership. It just wasn’t meant to be, though, and I’m very thankful!

Needless to say, my wife was depressed. She just had to have a Nissan Pathfinder, even though she’d been given a great deal on a Quest van. The Pathfinder was locked into her sights and wouldn’t go away. I began searching around and running through various used models as well. I’d finally narrowed it down to two 2015 Pathfinder’s located in Gallatin, TN – about an hour drive away. One only had 5,000 miles on it! Also, within what I was willing to pay for them! I got up the next morning and called her into the bedroom (that’s our family’s morning gathering spot as everyone wakes up) and showed her what I’d found. I explained that if this is what she wanted, these two were within my price range and she could pick whichever one she wanted. We even called the dealership, made plans to go up there that evening and check them out with the intent to buy.

About 2 hours go by, and then my wife comes up to me and sighs. “You know,” she says, “I’ve been thinking. I think I’d be happy with a Nissan Rogue. They’re bigger than the older models I’ve seen, and their more affordable.”

I literally threw my hands in the air, brought them down on my head and ran them through what is left of my hair. “That’s what we went to look at in the first place!!” I shouted, losing my mind after all we’ve been discussing and thinking of the fight she’d put up at the love of her Pathfinder.

“I know … I just started thinking, ‘you know, we could save a little money by going with something along those lines.'”

I’ll be honest, folks. I about lost my @#$%. It’s been over a week when this discussion took place, and she’d fought me tooth and nail when I’d recommend looking at the CR-V or RAV4, etc. But then I just shook my head and said, “Fine. Fine by me. Let’s go check them out.”

To be concluded …


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