How About That Personal Update

I’m not in a creative mood this week when it comes to my post titles. I normally pride myself on titling my blog posts, but right now it’s just like, “Yeah, just roll your head across the keyboard, that’ll do.” Not that this is a bad week, just not a creative one. Not a very productive one, either, come to think of it. The one area I’ve been thinking about today, though, is the one of how far I’ve come since I started my walk in faith. In particular, how I am doing in dealing with the outside forces of work, my biggest adversary.

To put it simply, I’m getting better. Haven’t perfected it yet, but with God’s grace, I’m improving daily. Anger and irritation pull me down, and sometimes just cutting up and trying to be silly for the sake of entertainment, I’ll find myself joining my extremely negative coworker and suddenly insulting someone else or talking about them. That may seem an extreme thing to say, but I suppose you’d have to know my work environment. Talking about one another is just a way of passing time at my work.

I do feel I’m improving a little more each day, but that outside pressure gets to me. I’m still attending church on Sunday mornings, occasionally on Sunday evenings. I’m reading my Bible. I’m listening to motivational and Christian podcasts that can help me understand and grow as a follower of Jesus in my faith. I’ve even pruned 99% of the vulgar content I was listening to and watching. When in my car, if I’m not listening to podcasts, I have locked in the local Christian stations and immerse myself in songs of praise.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I feel better than I have in a long, long time. I’m growing, I’m getting stronger, I’m experiencing these amazing things that I never thought possible. Don’t let me sugar coat it, I understand that we aren’t promised anything easy or perfect on this earth, we simply walk the path laid before us and do our best to honor God and give him glory for everything. I’m not trying to make light of that, but I am saying that since I began my journey, it’s been so much of an experience that it’s just amazing and something I can’t properly describe with words.

But enough about me. I’m doing good, how about you? I just need a little more strength in keeping my temper and words under control while at work.



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