Getting Serious About Sin

Note: I’m not religious scholar, philosopher, or anything of the sort. I’m just a country guy that likes technology that’s recently come to follow Christ. I don’t have a Phd in anything. Don’t take my word as anything there than the rants of a lunatic. That said, here’s my thoughts on the subject of a podcast I listened to last night, versus what I posted yesterday on this blog.

Recently, I have been listening to the Radically Christian website’s CrossTalk Podcast. After writing (I use that term loosely – always) my blog post last night, I queued up Episode #21: Why We Need to Get Serious About Our Sin.


This addressed exactly what I was thinking and trying to convey this morning while typing. It even took what I said, grabbed it by the neck and slapped it around a little bit to show me just what it was I have been doing wrong. In essence, I’ve been talking about how I need to try harder. Try this, try that. To put it simply, the three hosts formed up everything in this quote:


I mean, Master Yoda himself. Come on. You can’t get any more official than that. There are examples of what they mean within the podcast, from the continuous improvement of losing weight, to the more direct and cold turkey approach to sin in things such as pornography, gossip, etc.

We aren’t expected to be perfect, of course. We are going to fail at the things we do. But the point of the podcast, and one that I, for whatever reason, hadn’t came to is that coming into your faith and going through Baptism to wash away your sins doesn’t give you the right to continue doing them under the assumption that you’re going to struggle to cut back and get better. You come out of the gate running. Trying right from the get go – DOING right from the get go. Then, if you fail along the way, you get back up and continue on doing what is right. Not come out of the gate doing the exact same sins, hoping, struggling and trying to get better as you go along. Continuing to act in sin and knowing it is wrong is worse than being ignorant to the sin and doing it.

But that’s just my $0.02 on the subject. It has motivated me today, though. Cold turkey, son.


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