First Failed Order From Amazon

We love Amazon. Spend a lot of money ordering from Amazon. Never had an issue with an Amazon order – aside from my PS4 debacle that I’ve posted about before. Today has broken the chain of luck again. I’ll go ahead and throw out this warning: if you’re ordering a video game from Amazon and it’s listed as for sale by Whv Games, don’t buy it! Let me explain.

I picked up Marvel’s Lego Avenger’s for the Xbox One the other day from Amazon. Placed my order and paid. No problems. It didn’t have the seller listed at the time (because there were so many to choose from, I suppose, I normally don’t have to worry about that aspect). The game was marked as new and had the little icon indicating it was sold by Amazon, LLC and qualified for Prime shipping. That’s all I usually look for.

Sure enough, my package arrived 2 days later (today), and the address label has Amazon listed as the shipper. It took me going back to look at the digital receipt to see it came from this Whv Games – and no, that doesn’t stand for Warner Home Video Games. They actually spell their name out. This was capital W followed by two very lower cased h and v letters. Guess that’s suppose to make it look official if you go searching around.


The game did indeed come in the Xbox One packaging. Green case, outer slip in the plastic. Open it up and it even has the instruction booklet (a rare thing in games today.) But the disc, right off the bat, caught my eye. On the front of the disc, where the image should be, was some funky, poorly produced home printer image of the game logo. It’s the official image on the retail discs, but this was printed at home and slapped on the disc.

Insert the disc into my Xbox One. Nothing. Eject and insert again. Nothing. The Xbox One pops an error message up saying to make sure that it’s an Xbox One disc or Blu Ray disc and try again. It’s just not working. I look at the disc again and realize it doesn’t have the reflective stamping that most games have around that center ring. Xbox One games even say Xbox One on there. Nope.

I pop the disc into my laptop to see if it has anything on it at all. Good news! My laptop recognized it immediately! It even shouted for the world to see that I had inserted a BLANK AUDIO CD into the drive and was waiting for me to tell it what to do with it.

I immediately file a return claim with Amazon. I’m not sure what will become of it, but I expect something. I asked for a refund because I’ve been burned, I don’t want to take the chance of them burning me again. Will they give it to me? I don’t know. They did take back a $400 PS4 with no questions asked, so why not a $48 game? I half expect that they’ll try to accuse me of attempting to return a blank audio cd with a cheap print job label on it. Seriously, I’m expecting it to happen. I’ll take a replacement if that ends up being my only choice, but I’d rather just have my money.

So beware, folks. Pay attention to who Amazon is getting your product from. Whv Games isn’t legit. From their other listings on Amazon, they sell ripped games for all platforms. Wonder how many people get taken daily by their scam.


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