What My Week Looks Like

This week, March 13-18, looks to be a bit fast paced for me. A few of the items on my checklist to carry out and take care of – weather permitting – include:

  • Begin cleaning up our front and back yard from the wet, warm/cold Winter we’ve had. Fallen limbs, mowing the lawn, trimming back the weeds and some shrubs. There’s also some trash that’s been blown into the yard and up against our fence. That’s gotta go!
  • To go along with the above, I’ve got to swing by and pick up my weed eater from my friend and repair man, who fixed a busted fuel line on it. And, I’m finally breaking down and buying a new lawn mower. Push mower, mind you because it’s more exercise that hopefully won’t kill me.
  • Get up off the couch and get my butt moving. Hopefully about an hour earlier each morning, taking a walk in the park behind our house.
  • Cutting back on my food and liquid calorie intake. Eliminate the carbonated beverages from my menu and eat a bit healthier.
  • We’ve got a family road trip planned for one day this week. Heading out for a day trip with our boys since our oldest is on Spring Break this week. Also a good way to break the new vehicle in!
  • And finally, last week at work we had much drama at the end of the week. I’m hoping to avoid any more of that this week, and even if I can’t, I’m hoping to just nod my head and dodge out of the way as fast as I possibly can. It’s rough enough working with 50+ year olds that act like high school bullies, but throw in on that false accusations being thrown by our 2nd shift lead man to make the rest of the shift look bad makes it hard to concentrate on the job at hand.

That’s a busy week for me, folks. Throw in on all that some Bible study, podcast listening and family time each day and that’s a busy darn schedule with me. Not to mention attempting to better my health and fitness habits. Prayers are appreciated! 🙂

Have a great week, friends. Talk to you soon.




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