Thrive 8 Week Experience (Week 4)

Updated on 4/19/2016 – added additional information, which is highlighted in red

I made the blog post a few weeks ago about trying the 8 Week Thrive Experience. If you aren’t familiar with what Thrive is, you can check it out yourself by clicking here. I’m not here to sell you anything, I’m just here to share my experience. Do keep in mind that we are all different and will react differently to products such as this. With that said, here I go!

The Premium Lifestyle pack that is recommended for the 8 Week Experience consists of the following: 2 capsules (there’s a men’s and women’s pack), shake mix, and the DFT patch. That’s it. The first month I got for a considerable discount through my first order from a friend’s personalized site. The 2nd month, which just shipped today, was for the full monthly amount of (taxes, s&h incl.) $209. We will discuss this again in a bit. With my first month, I also received a free 1 month supply of Balance, which is a nightly digestive aide, simply put.

The weekly plan is that you take the 2 capsules first thing in the morning. About 30 minutes after (I do not know why they say 30 minutes after) you drink the shake. The shake is the only odd bit as I was told to only drink it for 4 days out of each week. I looked around a bit, but I couldn’t find an explanation. Please note that the shake is not a meal replacement. You still need to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch,  and dinner! This isn’t a weight loss nutrition shake like you would buy at Wal-Mart. Finally, slap on the DFT and you are good to go. (I have had to use waterproof tape to get mine to stay on. Either my skin is super slick, or I just sweat that much, but the DFT easily comes off after a short period of time if I don’t tape it down.) That’s it. I’ve had no problem following these steps. It’s pretty simple. Oh, and drink lots of water, that’s suppose to speed up the absorption rate in your body. No caffeine. The capsules contain caffeine and digesting more through drinks will lead you to a crash and make you sluggish, according to the website.

That’s the basics. How am I doing four weeks in?

Well, starting out, Thrive was pretty amazing. It seemed to focus my thoughts and give me the listed mental clarity that it claims. It definitely curbed my hunger to the point that I wasn’t even feeling hungry throughout the day. I would have to make myself eat something, even if a pack of crackers because I just didn’t desire a big meal. I had energy that I had been lacking. I was at a point, before Thrive, that I would literally be talking to someone one minute, and dozing off the next mid-sentence. It was becoming troublesome at work, as you can imagine. Most importantly, some aches and pains I’d been experiencing faded away as if they never existed. Mainly, I’m talking joint pain. Knees, ankles, hips. I’m sure it isn’t magic, but I was amazed because the joint aches had troubled me for some time. What I found funny is that I posted as much as this on Facebook one day. My friend quickly messaged me and asked that I take the word pain out of my post because the company can not claim that their product cures pains. I laughed because I’m not part of the company but was just sharing my thoughts. I did change my wording so she wouldn’t be held accountable, though.

Now into my 4th week with my second month in the mail, I can share this about my own personal journey:

Thrive isn’t a miracle weight loss routine. If you don’t get up and exercise or eat right, you aren’t going to lose weight. You might feel better, which is the key goal of getting you up and out about your life, but it’s not going to melt the pounds away. I’m proof. Mixing in changes to our daily routine at home, being sick with a  stomach bug that hit each person in our home, and facing a couple of weeks of stress at work – things have been a bit hectic. As such, I’ve been picking up fast food here and there to rush things along. I have been eating under my allotted calories, though not healthily, getting in my walking at work but nothing extra outside of that as exercise, and I’ve lost a total of close to 10 pounds in the whole 5 1/2 weeks I’ve been attempting to cut back on my food intake. That’s 1 1/2 weeks on my own, and 4 under the Thrive program. Honestly, I feel the weight loss has been due to my own work, not because of the supplements. The supplements have helped in that I don’t get hungry, I can focus better, and while the first couple of weeks I had some aches vanish, they’ve made minor reappearances in the last few days, but I’ve also skipped a few days of Thrive due to my being sick with a stomach virus.

Overall, I’m enjoying the Thrive 8 Week Experience, and I can tell some changes that have taken place. Can you get the same burst of energy from multivitamins? Sure, I have with men’s One-A-Day multivitamins and Vitamin D supplements. Is it necessary to use the patch, take both capsules and drink the shake? I don’t know, I may experiment with that in the next 4 weeks to see if I notice any change. Is it worth it? Depends on each individual. Me personally: One side of me doesn’t want to pay out that money every month – although, if you break it down, it is just $7 per day (a fast food meal.) At the same time, another side of my is like, “Yeah, but that’s $7 per day that could stay in my wallet … or buy a fast food meal.”

Will I continue my experience after the 8 weeks I agreed to try it? I honestly don’t know. Right now, I’m thinking probably not, but we’ll see. Considering we are a family of 4 and work is a bit on the slow side, $209 is a lot of money each month to spend on a luxury item such as this. As a side note to that, if you are interested in selling the product, and can get just 2 people to sign up through your personal website, which is provided for free, you can get your monthly product for free as long as the 2 friends are on auto-renew. Something to think about!


4 thoughts on “Thrive 8 Week Experience (Week 4)

  1. You know, I was a bit skeptical when you first started the program. Not that I don’t think you can lose the weight, but there are so many different programs and pills and such, that it’s not hard to be a little jaded. What’s worse is nothing you said in this piece couldn’t have been done on your own without the Thrive program. They don’t want you drinking caffeine while taking the pills, well anyone knows that most caffeinated products are rich in sugar and calories that will affect your ability to lose weight. As for the pills themselves, they could have the placebo affect… If you start a program knowing it is suppose to give you energy, you can almost in a way convince yourself that you will have the energy, even if it actually provides it or not. As for the shakes, you can get most weight loss shakes in stores for a fraction of the cost, you can drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, and then a normal, but within reason, dinner.

    In any weight loss plan, the biggest thing is to burn more calories than you intake… it sounds simple, but it is hard, i know.. You gotta cut out the fast food, or else no plan is going to give you the results you want. Gotta cut out the sodas and the sugary foods, or at least cut wayyyy back on it. And you have to do a bit of exercise, if it’s walking, on a treadmill/bike, or just outside with the boys and the dog. I just don’t think a $200 weight loss plan is the answer, and I don’t want to see you waste your money.

    But that’s just my two cents…

  2. I pretty clearly said its not a weight loss plan and it’s not marketed as such. I also pretty clearly said I wouldn’t be continuing after this month, just trying it like I told my friend I would.

    Without knowing my issues beforehand, no one can really say it’s all in me convincing myself it was going to work. I pretty much said you can get the same results using a simple multi vitamin, so I’m not sure how much the other parts play into the deal. But thanks for all your positive reinforcement and support.

  3. *Throws up white flag*

    Yikes man, back it up for a minute, I wasn’t trying to attack the program or your fitness goals.. you mark the post as weight loss, so I was just giving you honest feedback of the product from an outsiders viewpoint on the goal of weight loss. Then you said in the post that you “honestly don’t know” if you would continue using it or not, so I just commented it on that. I’ve seen my mom spend thousands on similar programs to lose weight without success, the biggest things that helped her was to exercise, watch what she eat, and drink water. does that work for everyone? of course not.

    At any rate, that’s my last comments on the subject, since it is apparently a very touchy subject for you. I honestly hope and wish you achieve your goals in losing weight and getting more energy and less pain.

  4. I get the idea behind these take a pill, shake, or something else to help boost energy so you can establish an exercise routine and curb your appetite so you eat less then by the time the program is over, ideally, you have established sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance routine. However, it is much harder than that. I mean it is so simple but so hard. some people say it is psychological or laziness but then some people also say genetics, stress and other life factors play a big part..who is telling the truth. it probably is a combination of everything. I really like this post. I like it because it is honest documentation of your journey..the good and the bad. I just wish I had the magic words since there is no magic pill to keep you from getting discouraged. I hope you do find something that works for you.

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