Fitness Goals Update

I weighed for the first time in a couple of weeks the other day. I’d expected the worst and prepared myself for it, knowing that on top of being sick, I felt I had also been failing in keeping to my routine. I stepped on the scale with our 2 year old staring me down, ready to scold me, I’m sure.

The biggest I’ve been this year (2016) is 372 pounds. Since getting serious and actually following somewhat of a plan over the last, well, nearly 6 weeks now, I weighed in  the other day at a very surprising 354 pounds. That’s a total loss of 18 pounds. I’m happy with that, especially since I was expecting to have gained what I had lost back over the last few weeks.

I am now 54 pounds away from my first goal of 300 pounds. I’m hoping I don’t get too comfortable and sabotage myself.



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