Last night I decided to get back up off my butt that I have been resting on and get back into gear. The reason I’ve been resting on my butt is because of the twice-a-year cough I’ve had for going on about 5 years now. Two Friday’s ago, my doctor finally decided – after 5 years, mind you – that it just might be my allergies. Begin allergy medication! Two weeks later, I’m still coughing lightly, but feel much better. The coughing still hasn’t gone away, but it’s been going on long enough that I’ve gotten lazy over the last month.

But we’re talking about today! Today I set my alarm to get up an hour earlier than I normally do. I set my mind to get up, get dressed, and go for a walk. I made sure my iPhone was charged, opened up my iTunes and Map My Walk app, and set out.

I did it!


Just remember, folks: no matter if you stumble in your walk, step off the path, or get turned around or distracted – the good thing about life is that you can usually get a do-over. Start fresh, start again, jump back in the saddle and take off. Just never give up.


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