Interlude Commentary

I went back and edited the original blog post, concerning my tiny fiction segment titled “Interlude.” So no one would have to go back and find it themselves, I’m posting the updated commentary I added to the end here. (Not that you’d be dying to go back and read it, I’m just saying …” 🙂


**What brought about this was tiny segment was the thought about what would happen if someone broke into someone’s house and was just making themselves at home while another person was bed-ridden and didn’t know any different. In this case, it’s a woman who is unable to get about due to an injury (hence her pain medication). The idea that the stranger would actually have killed someone didn’t come in until the last moment of the actual writing, but that made it creepier in my mind, knowing he had just been sitting on that same couch, just casually waiting for the news to come on. Anyways, hope someone enjoyed it or maybe it spurred someone else’s imagination.**


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