Pray for America

I was online for a total of about 5 minutes this morning before I started seeing all the hate-filled, profanity laced comments about the state of not only our nation, but the entire world. And not to let anyone slide from their wrath, these same social media masters began to blast those calling for prayer. Why even attack someone who is asking for prayer with all the other things you have to focus on? Is the world not bad enough that you still have time to lambast someone for simply requesting prayer in a time when it’s needed most? Just because you can say whatever you want without much fear on social media doesn’t mean you should because when it is nothing but negativity and profane declarations, you’re contributing to the larger problem.

Say what you will about prayer, I know its power. I’ve had it work in my own life and have seen amazing things come from it in the lives of others. God may not answer all prayers, even those that seem to come from our darkest hours may look to us as ignored, but the ending to this story is already written. There’s going to be heartache, unimaginable pain, and relentless attacks by the enemy in all shapes, forms and fashions. But in the end, Romans 14:11 (KJV) tells us: “As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”




One thought on “Pray for America

  1. Amen James. It seems that America is always quick to point the finger to the problem, but very few come up with a workable solution. I’m far from the perfect Christian (or Baptist in my case), but I do pray for all of America, regardless of skin color or profession. There is a fundamental problem with this country, and I think it begins in the home. We need to come together as a family, and let the parents be the parents and not the peer, and stop letting the tv’s and internet babysit our kids. I think if parents took the time to actually be parents, we wouldn’t be faced with the crisis that we are in now. At least that is my two cents.

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