What I’m Playing – Mobile Edition 7/25/16

Life – family, work, sleep – leaves little time for entertainment every now and then. The last month or so, this has been more than true for me. In fact, it’s left so little time that I haven’t even fired up the old Xbox One in a little over a month, aside for checking out Netflix and making sure I grabbed the latest Games with Gold freebies. Thankfully, we’re spoiled with mobile games these days. With a tablet or smartphone we can fire up the old apps and play through for a few minutes, or get lost for an hour or so. What follows is what I’ve been playing for the last month or so.

Township (by PlayRix) is a farming/city building/crafting/cooking sort of game. You raise crops, produce feed for your animals, harvest eggs, wool, honey, a variety of fruits and veggies. These go toward fulfilling customer orders, loading trains for shipment, stocking helicopters to air drop goods to the city folk, sending boats and planes to other lands to deliver their cargo. And, you can make pastries, fast food, clothing, etc out of these items to do the same thing.

Where I find makes Township cool is that, even though you can buy their in-game currency, you absolutely do not need it at all to play the game. It helps speed things up, but that’s it. Everything you need can be done with everything that’s opened up as you play through. It’s fun! They just recently added guilds that allow you to not only help one another, but also participate in co-op competitions where each member can contribute to increase the amount of prizes you can win.

Definitely a fun game to check out if you like this type of management game.

Boxy Kingdom (Dream Team Partners LLC) is a top down rpg-type game, in the sense that your character levels up, takes place in a fantasy setting, and is addicting to play. It’s as easy or hard as you want to make it, and the huge cast of character’s you can choose from is pretty sweet. I’ve heard it compared to other more recent mobile games, but I’d like to think of it as a never ending Frogger, in that you have to make your way across the screen, dodging obstacles, backstabbing enemies, jumping across platforms, etc. Great, fun little game you can play for a few minutes and still get your money’s worth (it’s free!).

Skylander’s Battlecast (Activision Publishing) is an awesome card battling game. Sort of. If you take Blizzard’s Hearthstone, improve on it, and then throw it in with a fighting style game, that’s sort of what Battlecast is. You can grow your card collection by earning new cards, coins to buy cards, or purchasing packs with real money. There is a single player story mode or an online battle mode. Fun to watch, hard to play if you don’t pay attention to your strategy, and a nice addition to the Skylander franchise.

Pokemon Go (Niantic) Don’t judge me! If you don’t know what this is by now, then you haven’t ready, watched or been out in public.

Lords Mobile (IGG) is one of those kingdom building games where you have to have shields aplenty to keep butthole players from attacking you while you try to build up your defenses. Lords Mobile is the only one I’ve been able to play more than a few hours. You can join guilds, earn VIP points just for logging in, get help with your constructions, research upgrades – it’s just actually fun to get into. There are still buttholes, but they don’t seem to be as bad as those other war games.

What have you been playing?



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