Social Media Breaks

take a break

A podcast I follow, True Family Men, hosted by David Johnson, announced with the release of episode 66 that he was stepping away from social media for a month. He’s still going to pump out his Monday release podcasts, but he has made a declaration to stay off Facebook, Twitter, etc. This announcement came at a time when, just a few days before, I had been thinking about stepping back from Facebook in particular myself. What with all the political and social attacks going on, people are just acting plain crazy toward one another. David helped me make the final decision.

As of last Tuesday, I’ve been cutting back on my social media interactions. In fact, I’ve been cutting back on my computer and smartphone use, as well. Let me cut straight to the chase and say that it was amazing how much I got done in the last week. My normal schedule included waking up, rolling over, and fiddling with my phone for about 30-50 minutes before even getting out of bed. Then there was the constant checks on social media, replying to notifications, posting memes, etc. I was just wasting time, avoiding doing more important things that would actually matter.

Starting this week, I hope to make a larger impact by cutting back even more. Have you ever taken a digital break from all the gadgets in your life? Get off the grid, in a manner of speaking. My first time, I found it exhilarating, in an odd sort of way. I was so used to being connected to everything that just letting it go was a relief. No need to “like” something or “share” something. I highly recommend it.

All of this, of course, to say that as long as I feel I’m being productive, I’ll still make occasional blog posts, and even watch television when I have nothing else to distract me. Today, for example, I’ve managed to take in episodes of Jessica Jones, Voltron and Stranger Things on Netflix.

Care to step up to the challenge? Can you take a month off from social media and survive?


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