The Last Straw, or, Why I Will No Longer Give McDonald’s My Money


Believe it or not, the unhealthy food isn’t the reason I’ve decided not to give McDonald’s my money any more. It isn’t even the fact that I’m constantly striving to eat better, eat less and live healthy. Instead, it all boils down to the customer service – or lack thereof in the majority of their restaurants. I understand that the wage is low in the burger slinging job market. Seems folks just don’t want to pay that $15 an hour to someone who lowers and raises fries in a basket up and down into boiling grease, then overloads it with salt. Go figure.

My complaint – the last straw, if you will – comes from the fact that it’s becoming more and more difficult to get decent customer service. The order takers are shuffling around like they’re in a trance, their eyes half open, the voices so low and detached that you have to strain to hear what they’re asking you. But today, of all days, I almost felt bad for snapping at the guy taking my order at the drive-thru. Almost, that is, until I drove up to pay and saw why he asked me to repeat my order 3 times.

I’ve had pretty good week, mind you. My goal this week was to follow the line of Philippians 2:14, “Do all things without grumbling or disputing.” I made it to today, which isn’t bad considering it’s Thursday. But when I pulled up to the McDonald’s drive-thru to order a quick bite for me and my oldest son, a faint, distant whisper of a voice came on. I placed my order, giving a moment between each item so they could ring it up. I wait … the faint voice repeats the first item on my list then asks if there is anything else. I repeat myself again. He asks if I want sauce with the chicken nuggets. I say no. Silence. Silence. Silence. He asks again, “So, do you want sauce?” I say, “No, for the second time. No sauce.” Silence. Silence. Silence. “Pull around.”

I snapped twice during my actual order, once during the sauce at the end, and the first time when I was asked to repeat my order. I felt bad, really I did. I was ready to smile and make up for it. But as I pull around, I see there are 3 people at the “pay” window. One is a young girl ringing up the order. The second is the young male with at the speaker, with his headset hanging around his neck, the microphone farthest away from his mouth. And the third person was the one distracting him, obviously the reason he couldn’t focus on my order – a young female who was busy discussing some event with him that had nothing to do with work.

Flirt on your own time, bro. I got things to do.

I pull to the pick-up window and there is my food sitting at the window. Bagged up, a large drink beside it. It’s mine, I’m the only one at the drive-thru. But I sit there. And wait. The lady and guy at the pick-up window are engaged in a discussion about some kind of fight, talking about who got the most hits in. I sit there for a good 2 minutes before she says, “Oh, here’s your order,” and hands it to me.

I’m done, McDonald’s. You want to know why your sales are slumping? It isn’t because of your nasty food. It’s because of the crappy help you’re hiring these days, in my humble opinion. Raise your game, son, this ain’t no high school afterparty.


One thought on “The Last Straw, or, Why I Will No Longer Give McDonald’s My Money

  1. i don’t know why they even bother asking if you want sauce of the McNuggets…nine times out 10 you never get it! we eat at McDonalds sparingly…and each time after we remember why.

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