Road Block

Falling off the wagon. Climbing back on the wagon. Repeat. In 6 months I’ve lost a total of 32 pounds. Now I’m at something of an impasse. I’m stuck. I’ve slowly, over the last month, been losing my motivation. Yea, 32 pounds, but I am big enough that those numbers haven’t meant much. You can’t physically tell I’ve lost anything, though I can tell internally. My pants fit better, I move a little better, I feel better. But not seeing that number on the scale change in a months time is a mental punch in the gut. 

I have people constantly telling me how I need to be eating. What I need to eat. What I need to cut back on. Commenting if I decide to have a soda – one soda in a week’s time, they see it and assume I’m chugging down 10 a day. That’s the actual words someone said to me last week when they saw me open one Coke and pour it into some ice. 

Maybe being fat gives the impression that I don’t know these things. People just assume I don’t exercise, that I don’t know what to eat, what not to eat. That I don’t know to cut back on this and that. I know these things because I look it up, research it, read about it just like they do. Being overweight doesn’t mean I’m totally oblivious to what I need to do. 

If you know someone that’s overweight, sure, go ahead and ask what they’re doing if they comment on losing weight. If they don’t know, offer up some advice. But if they know, don’t sit there day in and day out swinging at them that they need to exercise and diet. I’m willing to bet they know that. Do you know what you can do? Support them. Encourage them. Cheer them on. If they fall off the wagon 50 times, you keep on being their cheerleader. 

I had one of these same people (the 10 Cokes a day question) bring up that they wish me the best, but they just couldn’t help me anymore because I fail too much. I thanked all of them for their amazing support and have been trying to avoid this group of folks all together. 

Be someone’s cheerleader, not their judge, jury and dietician. Just let us lean on that shoulder when we feel weak and give us a pat on the back when we are doing good. A positive word now and then works wonders. Try it sometime. 


One thought on “Road Block

  1. losing weight is not easy and is a constant struggle. i am proud of you . besides, you can still enjoy the things that made you fat in the first place, just in moderation.(you know this) i know if i told myself i could never have a coke again i would be sad and my body will kick the craving into overdrive until i give in and then beat myself up about it for failing. you are not failing. it sounds like you are doing everything right. keep going!

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