Cover Me, I’m Going In (Again …)

Browsing Youtube the other night, I stumbled upon a commercial for the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, due at the end of this month. Blizzard does amazing cinematic animation, in case you’ve never seen any of their work. Many argue that the World of Warcraft movie should have been done by  Blizzard and made an animated feature instead of live action. But anyways, The commercial is posted below.

Beautiful, but by no means their best work, believe it or not. Either way, another video in the sidebar to this one was a recut of the commercial with a song added in during the underwater scene. Very slow rendition of Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. Very well done.

The commercial got me to thinking about what the old world of Azeroth was up to these days. It had been a little over a year since I have played the full game. Once in a while I’d load up the free starter edition that allows you to play up to level 20 with a few restrictions. But it had definitely been over a whole year since I’d delved into the full game and just enjoyed the simple questing. So, I renewed my subscription for a month. I know, I know. Here I sit with a Xbox One that I never have time to sit down and play, but I’m re-upping my membership for a mmo that is a major time stealer. I will probably not play Legion for some time, but I figure one month of WoW is enough to fill that mmo void that Neverwinter (on the Xbox One) and some of the other free mmo’s just aren’t satisfying enough to fill.

So if you’re online and playing World of Warcraft, I’m on the Stormrage server and my main toon’s name is Shavelle. Come look me up and maybe we can run a few quests together.


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